Earn QI&CPD Points
through a PDSA Activity with Healthshare

Did you know you can apply for QI&CPD points through a Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) activity with the help of Healthshare?

Find out more about PDSA activities through the RACGP.

Follow these four simple steps to get started. Contact us at welcome@healthshare.com.au for more information and make sure you sign up below for a free training call from Healthshare.

Step 1:


Identified QI activity - Improve patient education resources so that appropriate / current fact sheets are available for patients across a variety of relevant issues.

Gain access to an electronic fact sheets database (Healthshare) with the ability to provide patients information in a variety of formats: hard copy / soft copy - print / email.

Patient education to be added within the patient's progress notes


Get access to Healthshare, an up-to-date fact sheets resource. Receive training to learn how to fully utilise this resource.

* Healthshare is free to use. Our Fact Sheets tool is integrated with some clinical software or available online. Sign up below to receive a quick training call and start using Healthshare at your practice.


Audit to take place on a monthly basis to follow proposed increase use / provision of patient educational resources.


Based on user experience, patient feedback and audit reports, finalise practice policy around patient education resources.

Download our suggested PDSA activity document and modify it specifically for you or your practice needs.

Download Suggested PDSA

Step 2:

Verify your PDSA activity with the RACGP and ensure this activity it is approved.
* The suggested activity has been approved for other practices in Australia but it is recommended you confirm this with your state RACGP contact.

To find your QI&CPD State contact at the RACGP, click the button below.

QI&CPD State Contact Information

Step 3:

Apply for free training from Healthshare. We will ensure your practice has access to our Fact Sheets tool and is trained on how to find and share patient information from within your clinical software or online.

PDSA - Receive a Healthshare Training Call

Step 4:

After you have completed the PDSA Activity you can then apply for your QI&CPD Points through the RACGP.

How to Apply

To claim points after the PDSA is complete, a GP can represent the group of GPs involved and submit an application on behalf of the entire group through the following steps:

  1. Login to www.racgp.org.au
  2. Select MyCPD
  3. Select Submit a Self-directed activity
  4. Select Group PDSA - Online Form and attach relevant evidence (under QI activities)
  5. Click and Complete Online form
  6. Select Submit the activity

We look forward to talking with you about how Healthshare can help you and your practice quickly access patient information.

Contact us any time at welcome@healthshare.com.au