HealthShare Fact Sheets is Free to Use and Already Installed in Your MedicalDirector Clinical Software

Receive a quick 15-minute call on how you can access this tool that will save you time finding and sharing fact sheets with your patients.

With HealthShare you can:

  • Access over 1,200 high quality, up-to-date fact sheets from healthcare organisations.
  • Improve understanding and after-care compliance by easily sharing information with patients.
  • Quickly find what you want through auto prompting and free text search.
  • Save time and reduce medico-legal risk through automatic updating of patient progress notes.

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What are Healthcare Professionals saying?

Fact Sheets extends the quality of patient education in self-management within a 15-minute consult. I'm an instant convert.
- Dr. Denise Gibb, WA

The links provided in many of the fact sheets are also helpful as they are validated and help stop erroneous information being given to the patient. - Dr. Nick Martin, NSW

4 out of 5 patients believe a fact sheet improves their understanding after consultation.*

Watch how you can access fact sheets with HealthShare.

* HealthShare patient survey 2014

To get started with HealthShare Fact Sheets check what version of Medical Director you have

With active side bar

Click icon to search for a topic or product.

Notification indicates fact sheets have been auto-prompted through adding reason for visit or prescribing a medication.

Click outside Sidebar to minimise or click pin to keep Sidebar always visible.

HealthShare widget still not visible?

Show Sidebar

Add Widget

Click + to Add Widget

With active side bar

Mouse over MD Sidebar to activate

Click the pin icon to have Sidebar always visible

Select Fact Sheets from dropdown tool bar

HealthShare widget still not visible?

Show Sidebar

Add Widget

Click + to Add Widget

If Sidebar isn't visible:

Tools > Sidebar > Show Sidebar

If widget isn't visible:

Tools > Sidebar > Add Widget

Click the HealthShare Widget

Make sure to allow access

HealthShare widget still not visible?

Select Fact Sheets from Sidebar drop down menu.

Currently Sidebar is only available on Medical Director version 3.15.0 and greater.

To upgrade contact HCN Customer Support on 1300 788 802

Frequently Asked Questions

About the HealthShare Fact Sheets Tool

What is the Fact Sheets tool?

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Where do the fact sheets come from?

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Using the Fact Sheets Tool

How do I open the Fact Sheets tool?

How do I find a fact sheet on a topic I am interested in?

How do I open and review a fact sheet?

How do I print out a fact sheet?

How do I email a fact sheet to a patient? Will this be emailed from my own email address?

Will my actions be recorded in the Progress notes?

How does the Suggested tab work?

Building a List of Favourite Fact Sheets

If I have a favourite fact sheet, how can I easily find it again?

Can I edit my collection of Favourites?

If I have a favourite fact sheet that is not in your collection, can it be added?

About HealthShare

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