Terms of Use: Healthshare Fact Sheets

Use of the Healthshare Fact Sheets application (Healthshare Fact Sheets) by a medical practitioner is subject to the following terms. These terms are in addition to the Healthshare Terms of Service for www.healthshare.com.au (the "Site") and our Privacy Policy. By using or accessing Healthshare Fact Sheets, you agree to the following additional terms:

1. The use of and provision of the facts sheets and information made available through the Healthshare application is solely for the purposes of the medical practitioner accessing the information provided in a fact sheet and/or being able to provide the fact sheet to his or her patient in relation to relevant issues. The fact sheets and information are not for any other commercial purpose and must not be copied, duplicated or reproduced for any other reason.

2. The medical practitioner selects and provides the fact sheets and information to patient(s) based on his or her own assessment of their suitability for a particular patient and not as a result of, or influence by, any other material including advertising or sponsored material that may appear on the Site and/or be visible to a medical practitioner when viewing a fact sheet. To the extent permitted by law, Healthshare is not the author of any fact sheet and accepts no responsibility for the content of fact sheets, ranking of fact sheets in search results, advertising or sponsored material, or for any decisions made by the medical practitioner as to whether or not to give a fact sheet or whether its provision is appropriate in the management or treatment of that patient.

3. The medical practitioner acknowledges that some fact sheets include content that has been sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.

4. Statistical data may be collected and used by Healthshare (and its associated partners or affiliates) in relation to the access and usage of the fact sheets.

5. We use cookies to make your use of Healthshare Fact Sheets, the Site, and our services as convenient as possible. Our cookies do not personally identify you nor do they store any identifying information about you on your computer; they are pieces of information that the Site transfers to your computer's hard disk for record-keeping purposes. Cookies help us to personalise your experience, generate tailored content, manage Healthshare Fact Sheets and the Site and obtain information regarding how users use our products and services. You can set your browser to refuse cookies but this may mean you cannot log in or take full advantage of Healthshare Fact Sheets, the Site, and our services. By using or accessing Healthshare Fact Sheets, the Site, and/or our services, you consent to the use of such cookies and collection of such information.