Clinical Audit

Earn 40 Category 1 Points

This activity has been accredited by the RACGP as a 40 Category 1 QI&CPD points activity.

This Healthshare clinical audit is intended to assist you reflect on your patient's understanding of their medical condition and treatment.

There is a wealth of evidence that supports the link between better patient information and improved adherence to treatment, and ultimately better health outcomes.

This audit will highlight the value of providing appropriate written information, and promote the provision of such information as part of the routine GP consultation.

Learning Outcomes:

Following completion of this audit GPs will be able to:

  1. Recognise the deficiencies in a patient's knowledge of their condition and/or treatment following a GP consultation.

  2. Identify those patients who could most benefit from additional information in the consultation.

  3. Using the Teach-Back Method to confirm patient understanding and determine if additional relevant information is required.

  4. Provide patients with additional relevant information to promote better understanding of their condition and/or treatment.

  5. Relate the effectiveness of providing such additional information in improving patient understanding and ultimately improving patient health outcomes.

For a GP to participate in this Healthshare clinical audit, the following steps will need to be completed:

  1. Register to undertake this free Healthshare clinical audit

  2. Complete a Patient survey (Patients will be asked to complete a short, anonymous, online questionnaire after their consultation. A random sample of 20 questionnaires will be analysed.)

  3. Reflect on the analysis of the results of the patient survey and complete an online activity related to improving patient understanding within the GP setting. As part of this activity, the GP will develop an action plan to be implemented as part of their clinical practice to improve patient understanding.

  4. Over the following three months, the GP will receive a monthly reminder in relation to the implementation of the action plan and will need to complete a brief feedback form to monitor the progress of the plan.

  5. After three months a second Patient survey will be conducted (identical to the initial survey).

  6. Reflect on this second survey result and complete and submit a reflection exercise and an evaluation report. Following the successful completion of this audit the GP will be awarded 40 category 1 QI&CPD points, and be recognized as having completed this Quality Improvement (QI) activity.

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Healthshare Clinical Audit

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